We want the reader to understand not only the technical terms but also how the technology is described. We have to understand how it functions, what the concepts are, and with this understanding, organize the terminology text and lexicon. The quality of information is crucial to us. Understanding the subtlety of the research with a view to generate text faithful to the specialized language is essential to us in our daily work. “Trusted translators” is not just a motto, it is the way Rajão & Athayde has gained its reputation as the top intellectual property translation company in Brazil.

The quality of the information we provide is crucial for us.  The astuteness of the research, with a view to generating faithful texts in specialized language, is a preponderant and essential part of our daily work routine.  It is not by chance that our maxim “trusted translators” has over recent years crowned Rajão & Athayde as the leading translation firm for intellectual property in Brazil, because besides trust, it translates responsibility and knowledge.