About Us

Rajão & Athayde Tradutores/Translators® was born under the principle that a good translation is one that does not appear to be a translated text. Put otherwise, it is when the translator is able to transpose the cultural baggage of the source language successfully into the target language, without infringing upon any norms or enshrined usage of the output language, in harmony with the linguistic preference of each reader. When reading such a text, its content is clear and flows naturally.

During her time as end-user of this service, over twenty years ago, our founder, Dhalia Rajão, routinely reviewed technical and legal works. She noted differences in the texts: in some, the reading flowed effortlessly and pleasantly, whereas others had glaring errors that did not capture the author’s objectives. Gradually, she realized that certain translations were mere reproductions of the original, without any commitment to the content of the document itself, so literal that it made ​​the text almost incomprehensible. Others, in turn, caught the idea of the author and transposed into Portuguese, thus providing a broad and open perception of its content. She applied all this acquired knowledge to correct and adjust such texts to convey the original content in Portuguese.

In addition to experience in the largest IP from Brazil, there were 13 years experience in the second largest firm of Industrial Property, a Bachelor’s Degree, 10 translation courses completed in Brazil and the UK, review of literature, trips, lectures, seminars, many hours of research accumulated during all this time, and a passion for Literature, resulting in a vast knowledge of this market. This resulted in recognition of the need to provide a specialized translation company that could provide quality and punctuality, focusing on the accuracy of the terms used.

In 1995, upon leaving the company, Dhalia initially continued her career as a self-employed translator, supervising various large-scale projects with extremely tight deadlines, managing virtual work groups and organizing teams spread across the country.

The next phase begins with the opening of the business.