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All translators Rajão & Athayde are trained and mentored according to the method of translation and revision developed by Dhalia Rajão based on more than 20 years of expertise both as a translator and Industrial Property Agent. In addition to her experience as a translator, Dhalia’s experience as an Industrial Property Agent is an essential factor for the understanding and translation of documents relating to Intellectual Property.

The concept of intellectual property confers the right to “protection” reserved for works such as:

  • Literary, artistic and scientific;
  • Interpretation of performing artists, phonograms and broadcasts;
  • Inventions in all fields of human activity;
  • Scientific findings;
  • Industrial designs;
  • Trademarks, trade names and service marks;
  • Protection against unfair competition, and,
  • Other rights in industrial, scientific, literary and artistic areas.

The international body responsible for the regulation of Intellectual Property (IP) is the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a member of the UN system. Its objective is to promote a culture of IP, and integrate it into the programs and policies of national development; develop laws and international standards for IP, provide quality services and systems of IP protection, and increase the efficiency of management and processes.